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After several years of “enduring till 1AM and longer” outside music paloozas at the AEELA building and El Ancla Flotate (the bar at the fountain, or what was supposed to be a fountain) and, at times, the round tower, we have finally obtained a set of regulations from the Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico regarding noise pollution, including the serious fine schedule and potential criminal charges for those in charge of these nuisance events .  The code can be found here: Pertaining to Noise: Reglamento para el Control del el Contaminación por Ruidos 2011 (pp 13-14)

The petition in Spanish is here. The petition in English here.

Summary of Noise Law in this case (English)

Summary of Noise Law in this case (Spanish)

View the DB noise levels in the video below. (70 DB is legal)

PDF Summary Printout of This Noise Issue <here>

The English translation of the Noise code:

  • All exterior amplified speaker systems are prohibited after 10:01 PM till 7:00 AM
  • The maximum dB level at the property line of the offender is 65 dB – 70 dB.  (lawn mower sound) — at the event. Just that one can hear this event, with annoyance, at about a half mile away is reason to stop the amplification!
  • The resistance of law enforcement and elected government to resolve this ongoing violation in itself can suggest criminality or complicity.

The lack of enforcement of the public code is inexcusable and harms property values.

The code sign at the malecon is bullet riddled, garbage everywhere, public urination and deification are the norm, glass bottles on the beach, alcohol on the beach, unregulated parking, banner advertising, lack of property maintenance, ignorance of soil erosion law to the point the bay is a mud bath harming aquatic life, along with unregulated construction and blatant ignorance of zoning law.  The solution begins with enforcing the law!

Please help us resolve these issues, comply with the law, and build property values at Playa Santa.

See Other Community Action On Noise:

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Office of the Governor


Radio, Musical Instruments, Juke Boxes,     Amplifiers and Similar Devices

No person shall cause or permit the use or operation of any radio, musical instrument, juke box, sound amplifier or any similar device for the production or reproduction of sound in such a manner that it may cause noise pollution across a property boundary, or within quiet zones, in violation of the noise level limits set forth in Section 4.1.

3.1.4   Exterior Loudspeakers, Public Address Systems, and Similar Devices

No person shall install, cause or permit the use or operation of any exterior loudspeaker, public address system, or similar device in a fixed or mobile position on the outside of any structure or motor vehicle, that exceeds the permitted maximum levels under Section 4.1, and such devices shall not be used for commercial purposes during the nighttime period.


Period between 10:01 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.

Property Boundary

The contiguous limit of the sound generating site.


4.1   Sound Level Limits

No person shall permit or cause the emission of any sound, which upon crossing the property boundaries of the sound source site shall exceeds the limits set forth in Table I, as measured at or within the proper receiving zone, as these zones are defined in

Article I:TABLE I


Noise Level Exceeded 10% of the

Measurement Period (L10)

Noise Chart

The lack of enforcement proliferates disrespect for the law.

In a recent write up about Playa Santa, Puerto Rico Day Trips noted that it is a favorite place for kids because the “laws are not enforced!”


Popular Local Beach

This beach is very popular with locals, and there is a large apartment complex right there that is a vacation center (Centro Vacacional Playa Santa) that government employees can rent for vacations. This means that on weekends, holidays and summer months, you can expect LOADS of people and LOTS of boat and watercraft in the area. It can get to be quite a party scene. There are Public Ordinances of the rules posted, but I don’t think they are really enforced. We only saw spaces for about 20 cars on this dead end street.

Inter-Active Map Plotting Noise Recordings At Distances

One would expect a din of music and voices at a crowded beach. Determining to dominate the music of an entire beach and town is beyond reasonable.

An informal talk to others with radios and players on the beach finds the frustration of their music being drowned out in their private space.

I really do not think this bar knows how loud this music is every Sunday and Holiday.

Clicking on the link/picture below takes you to an interactive map, showing recorded sound intensities up to 1/2 mile! away.  The song lyrics and PA announcements are extremely clear and loud, at 1/2 mile away.  Well beyond the 70 dB maximum allowed by law.

(.wmv Windows Media Video)
Veiw Bar Noise full screen HERE
Active Noise Map

The bullet riddled sign:

















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