Call to Action!!

This issue (after 4 years) has been resolved Jan. 1, 2013!  The entire shore bank replanted and defined. The patch is now neat and well maintained!

Re-Planting complete!


There will be a court hearing on July 29, 2011 about the case involving bulldozing a swatch of coastal growth for “a better view” by a resident.

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PO Box 3042 Yauco PR 00698-3042

You may post here and Dr. Gonzalez, I’m sure, will discuss this further.

This occurred TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO!!

See the photos here.

This is the notice from Dr. Gonzalez, who has personally followed through all these years:

Les quiero recordar que el próximo viernes 29 será  la vista del caso de deforestación. Necesitamos la mayor asistencia posible. Como recordaran nuestro vecino se allano a implementar el plan de mitigación que le impusiera el DRNA pero nada a pasado. Veremos que acuerda el tribunal. Tenemos que hacer nuestra parte para evitar el abuso de los terrenos en nuestra comunidad. Cuesta tiempo y malos ratos pero si no lo hacemos veremos destruir nuestro paraíso

I wish to remind that next (this) Friday, the 29th, there will be a hearing of the deforestation case. We need as much assistance as possible. As you may remember our neighbor acquiesced in implementing the mitigation plan imposed by the DNETR, but nothing has happened. We will see that the court agrees. We must do our part to prevent abuse of the land in our community. It takes time and it’s a bad time, but if we do not act, we will destroy our paradise. (my translation, at best.)

Area deforested for "a view" before

Area deforested for “a view” before

One look and we see how sensitive this area is.  Right after this happened, the sewer project began; the street became a stream of mud down the hill (no erosion control) and then hit this bare patch of loose soil.  Guess what happened?

The EPA washed there hands to our call, “too small intrusion” under one acre.  The community was willing to pay for planting the proper buffer growth… could not touch it because it was “a crime scene!!” Now it is in court, 2 1/2 years later.  Thank God, nature has provided new growth.

Area deforested for "a view" after

Area deforested for “a view” after

It is just so disheartening with all the hoop-la of “green” and “community” that representative government, law enforcement and justice are so blind.

The proposition: if this minor incident is so neglected, what about the big picture?  Please help.

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