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Guánica and EQB Simply Refuse to Enforce the Law on NOISE!

(Still, the natural beauty of Playa Santa is worth visiting!)

Latest Update, Year 6 seeking relief, July 13, 2017; We have outlined a summary on the ongoing noise issue.  We simply seek a path to, on the spot, enforcement.  There will be a meeting of Playa Santa stakeholders Sunday, July 16, 2017.  Feel free to attend.

You can find a summary of the noise issue and relevant law HERE.

Year 4, We Continue Welcoming Help On This Issue; …trying to bring beach music within the limits of the law!  The latest weekend Friday Feb 27 through Sunday Mar 1, 2015.  The sampling:

Friday, noon till after midnight.  http://youtu.be/VU4XrWw0YsA

Excessively loud music and PA talk, start up 104dbagain Saturday morning at 9AM and continues blaring until after midnight again. 

Sunday, 03.01, at noon the noise production shifts to Ancla Flotante, The loudest yet, well over 100 dB.  This continues until dark.

Not only does this bar music drown the beach in noise, well above the physical hearing harm levels of 80 dB, but there is a din of unregulated, competing, noise from personal music devices. Beach goes feeling they want their own, loud, music!


The complaint, again, to EQB is lost in space.  The noise continues with impunity.

Summary of Noise Law in this case (English)
Summary of Noise Law in this case (Spanish)

Veiw Bar Noise full screen HERE Just being able to hear the bar music, regardless of its decibels, a 1/2 mile away, at any hour, says “absurd” to a quiet neighborhood.
Active Noise Map


Reglamento Contaminación de Ruidos 2011.pdf

Well, after this MLK weekend 2014.01.20, we are back at the beginning, 3 years ago.

Call after call to the police, were responded to, but the music continued to blare.

3PM on Friday to 1AM, picked back up at 7:30AM Saturday till 1AM, same for Sunday. This outside beach party knows no limits, continues with impunity and arrogance.  A lot of homeowner rights are being abused.

I will take this to the media.  The one year honeymoon with the Papichy administration has run its course.

The law is clear, *NO* amplified music after 10PM.  The cop just says, “stop.”

Loudness of the music is also limited other times.  65Db at the property line.  That’s the equivalent sound of standing next to a lawn mower.

The approach to regulating loud noise before 10PM is simple too.  You should not be able to hear a lawn mower running a half mile away!!   One officer positions himself at the Urbanization gate.  He instructs another officer, over the radio, to turn down the sound at the source until acceptable.

Again, we are not saying no music, just respect our rights to quite and the right to decide what music we wish to listen too!  Not complicated.

Nothing worse than late night,  bad,  drunkard Karaoke invading a person’s home. (from 1/2 mile away)

This is from last week:

The late night noise continues.

Read More, Copy of the Law, Petitions, More Links :

Click Here


We have a court date of April 8th, 2013 to address lowering the loud music to within the existing legal limits, by allowing the police to enforce the law.

8:30 AM at the Yauco Municipal Court–Please attend!!

As of the end of April, 2013, we seem to have developed a mutual respect between enforcement, businesss and residents to resolve this issue, outside of court.  Mayor Papichy’s office has been very helpful, once the office understood the severity of the disturbance.  We all want a better Playa Santa, and Guánica!  We will keep you posted as our improvement mission continues.

Current Issue: Click Here

Late Night and Daytime Excessive Music Loudness At Torre de Playa Santa, AEELA and El Ancla Flotate

We are assembling a petition to address these issues.

The petition in Spanish is here. The petition in English here.

Summary of Noise Law in this case (English)

Summary of Noise Law in this case (Spanish)

Some have suggested that the purveyors of the beach paloozas should be the ones seeking exemption of the law rather than those of peace and good order asking for the law to be enforced! We see Playa Santa being so much more than a weekend/holiday drunk spot and will continue to build a better community for Playa Santa and Puerto Rico.  Please help us.

Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights!


Veiw Bar Noise full screen HERE Just being able to hear the bar music, regardless of its decibels,  a 1/2 mile away, at any hour,  says absurd to a quiet neighborhood.
Active Noise Map


Jan 3, 2013- Yes, another sewer leak without repair, Rt 325 Ensenada. Help? Thanks, this was fixed the same day of posting by an anonymous kind person! As always, if you see a problem please report it!

If anyone can help find a fix for this sewer break it would be most appreciated. The spill is just past Hotel 1929 entering Ensenada. It has been three weeks and counting! Thousands of gallons of raw sewer to the bay.

Sewer Spill 2013.01.02

Sewer Spill

**A Call To Action-Feb 2012- THANKS-THIS HAS BEEN FIXED!: Sewer Leak In Ensenada (see photos)**
(Please call AAA 787-856-0700)


::. Juguetes X Juguetes .::
Fiesta De Reyes, Playa Santa Jan. 7, 2012

See the album ::.Juguetes X Juguetes.::

Juguetes X Juguetes    Fiesta De Reyes, Playa Santa Jan. 7, 2012

View the Playa Santa Fiesta De Reyes Photo Album
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Playa Santa

Playa Santa, Guánica, Puerto Rico, is a small collection of year round residents, private vacation homes, rental units and several small businesses.  The primary feature is the white sand horseshoe beach, Holy Beach.  To the east is the Balenario Manglillo, to the west La Jungla Reserve, to the north the Guánica Dry Forest and of course to the south, Puerto Rico’s most vibrant coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea.

Playa Santa is located in the Guánica sector, Salinas Providencia, historically a “Salinas” or salt producing ponds and a fishing town.  The salt production is gone but you can still buy fresh fish at the dock caught by local fishermen in traditional “yolas.”

There is also the AEELA tower, a resort for the union steps from the beach.


Playa Santa

Beside being a tranquil place to reside, the beach is renown, Pino’s Water Sports offers rentals, a couple bars, restaurants, bodegas’s, the Fisherman dock, a boat ramp, a new boardwalk at the Melecon, Island Scuba will take you diving at “La Pared” the reef wall, soak in the sea midst the mangroves at Manglillo, continue beyond the balenario to hike in the Dry Forest along the sea, watch a local baseball game,  take a brisk walk 7 miles through La Jungla or, just sit back and enjoy the sea breeze.  Did I mention its wonderful residents?


Playa Santa

Playa Santa

This site hopes to bring all these entities together to promote, preserve and  protect our precious community.

A series of community meetings have been set up by the planning department of Guánica to outline and implement improvements for Playa Santa.  See the “Next Meeting” tab above and follow “The Approach” to a better Playa Santa.

If you wish to volunteer, participate or just observe,  please register HERE for “Community Log-In”


Playa Santa - A Very Unique Place - Surrounded by the National Guánica Dry Forest


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